Vizsla Fun Day

“Tasmanian Vizsla Fun Day”Venue and Date to be confirmed,

We are hopeful of having a regular fun day in Tasmania.
If any breeders or pet owners know of a property we would be able to use for this event, would you please contact us.
The fun day has not been held in past years as we have been unable to locate a venue suitable to host multiple dogs.

We will contact past fun day attenders by email or phone as soon as a venue is found and a date is set.

Sharon Groves

2006 Fun Day

This article was published in Russett Rumours,  Jan/Feb 2006 edition and has been used with the permision of the Editor and Melita Saulis’.  Russett Rumours is the Newsletter of the Hungarian Vizsla Club of Victoria.

Tasmania held our Vizsla fun day on the 18th of February. It has been quite a few years since one was held and we were not sure how many would turn up as we had marketed this largely by word of mouth.  The weather was kind to us, reaching around 26 degrees.  Around 40 Vizslas and their owners travelled to Launceston where we had a day of demonstrations, competitions and socialising. Quite a few others indicated their interest but were unable to make it this time.
Faye Harris discussed field trialling, Pat Hallam, Melita Saulis and Martin Waddingham demonstrated agility with Wallace, Zeus, Callum and Martin’s other Vizsla who was parading in a GSP suit.  Paul McNamara and Melita Saulis with Jenci and Zeus showed how much fun can be had with flyball, Quite a few spectators were interested in having a go at agility and flyball with their V’s and asked how they might become involved in these disciplines.  Pat Hallam ended the demonstrations with a presentation on tracking.  Thanks go to everyone who helped put up and pack up the equipment for the day.
Competitions were held for the longest sit and drop stays and the fastest recall. Competition organizers were almost out smarted by the V’s, some of whom would still be sitting and dropping today as all attempts of distractions failed.
Owing to the very warm day, a few people that were travelling back to Hobart had the same idea stopping at Elizabeth River at Campbell Town to let their dogs cool down and enjoy a swim. (Some even taking advantage of the local ducks that needed chasing)
It was a great day and one of many to come. We plan to hold the next one in Hobart and hope future days will be as successful as this one.
Melita Saulis

2007 Funday

In 2007 the state Vizsla Funday was held in October at the Brighton Kennel Complex.  It was a very poor weather forecast but despite this some brave soles made the trip from far away for the day.  We were relieved as the rain held off and the sun shined down upon our funday gathering.

It was great to see some old faces from last year and also some new faces.   All the dogs had a great time running and playing together and we settled in for a picnic once the dogs had time to run and play.

This is becoming a great event we all look forward to.  I noticed people swapping phone numbers to arrange walks together and others offering to mind puppies to help out on days people were at work.  People travelled from Launceston, the northwest and east coast which was a fantastic effort considering the poor weather.

We plan to have another Funday in Spring 2008.   We will contact all people that have been to past fundays to notify them of the details.  If you wish to be invited along please phone us or send an email with your contact details