Mature dogs and puppies occasionally available.
Please read our code of conduct page to understand what we provide with the purchase of a puppy or mature dog from Iceana Kennels.
All lines of the dogs selected for breeding are researched, health screened with the tests currently available and must be fine examples in health, temperament, conformation and field ability.    We do not believe in inbreeding as this can result in genetic illnesses and also enhanced poor conformation traits.
We continue to plan ahead and bring new lines into our breeding program.

Our puppies are raised in a household situation with early exposure to the field, beaches, children, friends, family, cats and other dogs.  This early exposure to household noises and socialisation with lots of people, children and other animals is important in developing a sound temperament.

We take time to assess the temperament of each puppy and match this with its owner and their lifestyle.  All of this assists to avoid the possibility of having to take back and rehome a dog we have bred.  You are welcome once the puppies are older to come and visit with the puppies.  We will send photos of the litter regularly to people who will be getting a puppy from that litter.  Puppies leave for homes from 8 – 10 weeks.
Selected pups are available from time to time in co-ownership with us.
We do keep a list of people waiting for puppies and will contact you once we have a litter and know there is a puppy for you.
The next Iceana litter has been long waited for and will not be before 2021 
The waiting list for this litter is currently closed.  Depending on litter number, when the time comes there maybe 1 – 2 puppies available
If you are interested in a puppy, please contact us for further information and to discuss if the vizsla is the right dog for you.
Please send an email or if you are phoning, it is best to contact us after hours.